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Frequestly Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. What is "TIO Streamline?"

�TIO Streamline� ( ) is a web based service that improves and standardizes the implementation of the requirements for �Tests, Inspections, and Observation� (TIO) as prescribed by the California Building Standards Administrative Code, Title 24, Part 1.

2. Why should I use "TIO Streamline"?

"TIO Streamline" system is a tool that improves and standardizes the State requirements for quality control of hospital construction projects in California. It provides interactive functionality, coordination, and data storage that optimizes efficiency and better defines the criteria for managing a TIO Program.

3. What benefit is there for me to "Sign-Up" for a new account?

When you "Sign-Up" for a "TIO Streamline" account, you are added to a list of other professionals who are involved in the development of hospital projects in California. As a registered participant of the "TIO Streamline" system you are easily accessible by the hospital clients and their preferred design professionals using the system. Furthermore, all participants have "preview privileges" of all projects to which they have been "Assigned". This allows everyone on the project team to monitor the ongoing progress and quality assurance of their projects.

4. Am I required by law to use "TIO Streamline"?

The use of the "TIO Streamline" is voluntary. Although the State of California does require the implementation of a TIO Program, there is a fair amount of flexibility within the requirement. In fact, the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development has published forms that can be used for the development of a project specific TIO Program as an alternate method of maintenance of the TIO Program.

5. What privileges does a project Inspector of Record (IOR) have as a participant of the TIO Program?

Although the POR is the official administrator of the TIO Program, the IOR is the individual who is monitoring the daily progress made on the quality assurance requirements of the project during construction. The IOR is the only other authorized individual who can update information regarding the required project �Tests�, �Inspections�, and �Milestones� associated with TIO Programs using the �TIO Streamline� system.

6. How does the Survey feature of the website work?

"TIO Streamline" website features regular surveys for its users to give opinions and to share with other industry stakeholders. The information summarized in the surveys represents opinions on a wide spectrum of current events, legislative matters, and new technologies. All survey results are anonymous and summarized immediately upon completion by the participants. To view the survey results, click the �Take survey now� button after you have taken the survey.

7. What subscription packages are available through the TIO website?

Standard Subscription:
  • 5 projects on the TIO Website
  • 10 Voice Transcription Reports (VTR) to be used any time within a month
  • Option to purchase more VTR�s as needed
Premium Subscription:
  • Unlimited access to the TIO Website including TIO Program, VCR and report generation.
  • 30 Voice Transcription Reports (VTR) to be used any time within the month
  • Option to purchase more VTR�s as needed
Additional Voice Transcription Reports (VTR) Packages:
  • 5 more a month
  • 10 more a month
If you would like more details about our subscription fees, please visit and �click� the �Contact� link in the lower right and send us a request with your telephone number and a member of our staff will contact you.

8. What is the voice recording transcription feature?

This feature allows one to call in his or her field report to our pre-recorded automated message system. Once you hang up, your report will be transcribed for you. You can then visit to view, edit and �publish� your report.

9. Who can see my report?

Once you have approved the report which has been transcribed for you, you may �publish� the report, and it will then be accessible in a read-only format to your project team.

10. When can my report be viewed by others?

ONLY once you approve your report and �publish� it.

11. What will happen to my projects in the TIO website if I discontinue my subscription?

Upon expiration of your subscription, use of the TIO website will be discontinued until the subscription is renewed.

12. Are there any hours of the day that I am unable to call in a voice transcription?

No; you can call in a voice transcription at any time of the day or night.

13. How long will it take for my voice transcription to be available for editing and �publishing� on the �TIO Streamline� website?

Your voice transcription will be available on the TIO website within 24 hours of recording.

14. Who can I find in the "TIO Streamline" directory?

The "TIO Streamline" Directory includes active members of the hospital design, inspection, and construction industry in California.

15. What is the significance of the "TIO Streamline" Open Forum feature?

The Open Forum is a place for networking, community building, discussion and information sharing among professionals in order to improve the quality of design and construction of hospital buildings in California.

16. How does the calendar feature of the program "TIO Streamline" website work?

Whenever you include completion dates for a project�s "Tests", "Inspections", or "Milestones", your calendar will be automatically updated to reflect your schedule.

17. How do I print a TIO Program?

On the left-hand side of your project screen, under "Tools", click on "Prepare TIO Report". Here you will have the option to print various completed reports and forms: TIO Program, IOR form, TSI Form, and VCR Forms.

18. How do I print a voice transcription report?

Sign into your "TIO Streamline" account and select the project for which you recorded the report; you will be directed to the �Assigned Staff� tab. Select your name by checking the corresponding box on the right. Once your name is checked, select the blue paper icon in the top right corner of the screen. This will bring up a list of your transcribed reports. Here you may edit and publish your report.

19. How do I add �Tests� or �Inspections� to a project?

In order to add �Tests� or �Inspections�, Sign into your �TIO Streamline� account and select the project for which you recorded the report; you will be directed to the �Tests� or �Inspections� tab. Select the plus sign icon and fill in the applicable fields. Always remember to click Save.

20. How do I add a milestone to a project?

In order to add a Milestone, sign into your �TIO Streamline� account and select the project for which you recorded the report; you will be directed to the �Milestones� tab. Always remember to click Save. You can also assign staff to Verified Compliance Reports (VCRs) by selecting the Milestone to which you would like to assign the staff.

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